Commuter Saturdays


We recognize that today's woman leads a very busy life.

So many of us work outside the home, juggling family and career obligations.   The pace is hectic, and often stressful, and weekend schedules are frequently filled months in advance.   Setting aside time for ourselves-even once a year-has become increasingly difficult.   OLC's answer to this dilemma: Commuter Saturdays!   If you feel you're unable to give up an entire weekend, you can now enjoy your retreat experience in a one-day package!

Come in time for Saturday morning Mass at 8:00; enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner, along with all conferences and workshops; conclude your day with the evening Reconciliation service, and be on your way home by 9:00 p.m.   There will, of course, be plenty of quiet time to relax, meditate, walk the grounds and pray.   This all-inclusive day is priced at $125.   Please complete the registration form by clicking the link below or contact the office at 860-677-8519 to register by phone.